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solar panels on yacht roof

About Us

SALT’s business philosophy promotes a transition towards sustainable energy solutions and we recognize that not only requires a change in the way energy is supplied, but also in the way it is delivered and used.

SALT Staff in front of StoreThat’s what differentiates us from the average renewable energy contractor. Over the years, energy technologies have changed, but the general principles of sustainability have remained constant and this is where SALT Excels!

There are lots of contractors out there that can mount solar panels, technicians who will install central air conditioning, and businesses that will sell you power monitors. But with SALT, the whole balanced equation of efficient energy consumption, renewable energy production, and durable energy storage is factored in with the system’s environment and each customer’s unique lifestyle requirements. This results in satisfied owners of reliable, serviceable system configurations that continue to perform for many years. Decades later, SALT’s systems have remained operational – a testament to the value of good engineering and execution.

Destination: Our Florida Store

We invite you to visit our showroom! Get a firsthand look at the quality state-of-the-art components we use in our systems or buy the equipment you need for your do-it-yourself projects.
2992 Overseas Highway in Marathon

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