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Solar Panel and Wind Turbine on Yacht


You need energy to power your adventure. We can design a renewable energy system for you that will balance energy consumption, energy production and energy storage. It’s sustainability that’s better for the earth, your wallet and your voyage.

Eliminate concerns for having sufficient power to support the ongoing fluctuation in electrical demands onboard. SALT can engineer a system that operates seamlessly between battery autonomy with on demand support from a generator, alternator, wind turbine or solar array.

Sportfish and Motor Yacht

Outback Power SystemsWhen saving space and reducing weight are important, a conventional generator won’t do. With our state-of-the-art “soft-starts,” we are able to reduce your generator size by as much as 50%.

We can enhance your system further with by load sharing an inverter configured to assist your generator with inductive start-up loads. That means a smaller generator, as well as, a healthier sustaining load and more efficient fuel use. Keep your energy flowing 24/7 without a generator when you anchor out with one of our many sustainable solar systems. We have decades of experience working with sportfish and motor yacht builders and owners on engineering and installation of Northern Lights generators and inverter/chargers systems capable of supporting the many ongoing loads onboard.

Cruising Sailboats

How would you like to take your cruising sailboat out without worrying about supporting all your energy draining systems? We can help you make your boat as carefree as you with our renewable energy solutions. Solar PV and wind turbine systems can be designed to cover the daily loads of refrigeration, desalination, navigation, etc whether you are passage-making or anchored. In the event that more power is needed on a periodic basis, we offer compact AC generators and high out-put alternators that can be adapted to most vessels.

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