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Lifeline Marine BatteryKeeping you off-the-grid, whether on land or at sea, means having the right battery bank. The heart of any sustainable power system, your battery bank eliminates the need for ongoing access to municipal, generator or alternator power support.

We offer AGM (absorbed glass matt), Gel, Flooded and Lithium batteries and can assist to find the right fit for the demands of your adventure lifestyle. We will help you understand your daily watt-per-hour load and the period of time batteries need to support these loads without charge, normally 24 hours. All of our batteries are designed to provide deep cycle autonomy in-between charge periods. Since internal cell deterioration begins with discharges below 50%, we will design your system bank size accordingly.

Destination: Our Florida Store

We invite you to visit our showroom! Get a firsthand look at the quality state-of-the-art components we use in our systems or buy the equipment you need for your do-it-yourself projects.
2992 Overseas Highway in Marathon

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