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Solar Energy (PV)

Sunpower E-Series PanelSun powered voyages have become a viable option with solar PV technology advancements in efficiency at a significant drop and cost. With SunPower’s Maxeon cell technology, we can engineer systems with 44% more watts per sq. ft. than conventional solar arrays. Our MPPPT charge controllers can add 20%-30% more daily production over conventional PWM charge devices with any solar panel technology.

Sized correctly, with full consideration to daily watt-per-hour requirements, it is possible to enjoy all your onboard amenities without reliance on an engine or generator. Current federal legislation for US citizens allows yacht owners to enjoy a 30% Investment Tax Credit for the total cost of a complete solar system, including labor.


Our solar installations can be fabricated for the most demanding blue water conditions, making it the best use of limited space options.


Our solar installations can be configured for roof top mounting that are both aesthetically appealing and strong enough to endure heavy weather, even at highway speeds.

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