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Wind Turbines

LE-450 Wind TurbineLet your adventures ride on air with our wind turbine packages engineered for quiet, reliable power. The new Leading Edge turbines are built to survive the rigors of open ocean crossing and mountain top communications systems.

You will be able to enjoy quiet power production 24-hours a day in winds above six knots, with an electrical shut down switch mounted inside. Full charge control can be configured for the battery type onboard.


Unique to our turbine systems, the electronics are mounted below deck rather than inside the hot turbine shell. This means you don’t have to worry about high temperature or the salt water intrusion. The armature and stator are epoxy coated, impervious to salt water, allowing for higher production through superior cooling and shorter, quieter blades.


Wind Turbines can be configured with a “tabernacle” hinge allowing for deployment after the vehicle is parked.

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