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Thorough product knowledge and Responsiveness to our problems and needs as a customer have made the people at SALT a Pleasure to work with.

Richard Loh, Sales Manager - Grand Banks


U.S. Geological Survey - Water Resources for the U.S.

The Spectra Product Story

Choose the Right Sea Recovery Watermaker

General Ecology Test Data

What 1852 aquatic–invention, patented in Brittan under the nomenclature ‘de Normandy’, was used at Fort Taylor, Key West and Fort Jefferson on the Dry Tortugas?

A) Sea Water Desalination Systems

B) Hydraulic RAM Pumps

C) Subterranean Water Finders

D) Sand Filtration Systems

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Sea Recovery Brochure (4mb)

Sea Recovery Mega Yacht Brochure (796kb)

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With SALT... From the Hose or From the Tap, You can get an Endless Flow of
Clean, Pure, Fresh WATER!

Marine Group - Water Makers, Desalination & Purification

Providing Water Makers, Desalinators & Water Purifiers to Mariners in
South Florida, the Florida Keys & the Caribbean.

SALT Installs Efficient AC & DC Marine Desalination & Water Purification Systems for the Clean, Pure Drinking Water So Essential to Cruisers & Ocean Going Yachts!

› Why it's Better with SALT!

SALT Service, Inc. is an authorized sales and service representative for the best reverse osmosis water makers and water purification systems on the market.  SALT has chosen the watermakers and purifiers they offer for their design, power Efficiency and water Quality.  Small sailboats, mid-sized cruisers, and mega-yachts, SALT has experience installing watermakers and filtration systems in all types of vessels throughout South Florida, the Florida Keys and the Caribbean.  AC and DC systems start as small as 150 gallons per day up to systems that can supply large ships.

Whether you’re spending the season hanging on the hook, Cruising over to the Caribbean island, or crossing the Seven Seas, having a water maker can mean having your worries flow away.  With a watermaker and water purification system, you can stay longer, cruise farther, Save money, and be confident that the drinking water going into your tanks is pure!

› Save Money!

Making your own clean drinking water while cruising on your boat is a necessity now more than ever for many reasons:

  • Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon, so storing minimal amounts of water reduces the Weight and draft of the boat and thus saves fuel.
  • The Caribbean countries have seen growing pressure on water resources, with increasing Demand and costs. As a result, visitors to these countries are experiencing higher costs when purchasing potable water.
  • On average, a person will Use about 6 gallons of fresh water per day. In some Caribbean Islands, that means a cruising couple can spend as much as $18 a day for potable water!

That can really put a dent in the cruising budget, and there’s no Guarantee the water that you buy is safe.  With a watermaker and water purification system on board, you don’t have to waste time and money buying questionable potable water. 

Amid the sundrenched salty sea, you can have an abundant flow of
Pure, Fresh, Sparkling Clear Water!

› Stay Safe!

Water born contaminants, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi are still very prevalent throughout the Caribbean and getting sick while sailing far from civilized medical services is downright dangerous.

Why ruin your tropical Paradise worrying about such a fundamental necessity as fresh drinking water?  Having your own means of desalination and purification means no need for extreme fresh water conservation.  A desalination system will make plenty of fresh water for  laundry, dishes, cooking, and showering.  And a purification or filtration system will provide you and your family with Healthy, thirst-quenching drinking water.

Our Marine Group Serves South Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Caribbean with Sales, Installation & Repairs of the Following Manufactures Products:

Low Maintenance Water Makers!

Installation Portfolio - Crocker Grand Banks 50

~ Efficient ~ Quiet ~ Compact ~ Reliable

That's right!  Forget what you have heard in the past about the high maintenance watermakers. The best watermakers are nearly self maintaining and we only sell the Best.

We Offer the Following Water Maker Systems for Our Marine Clients:

Danfoss Sea Recovery - Manufacturing the most innovative and Intuitive watermakers for the past 30 years, Sea Recovery strives to engineer systems that marry style and functionality.

Katadyn - From water filtration units to portable water filters, Katadyn has the right watermaker for any adventure.  BUY ONLINE!

Spectra Watermakers – Setting the standards for watermakers in the marine industry, Spectra's quiet, versatile, flexible and Reliable Watermachines have been the system of choice since 1997.

Horizon Reverse Osmosis Systems (HRO) - Established in 1975, Horizon Reverse Osmosis (HRO) applies brilliant vision and innovative engineering to manufacture Compact, economic marine watermakers that benefit sailboat and power boat cruisers around the world.

Chemical Free Water Purification & Filtration!

Rid your fresh water of tank taste without chemicals! Environmentally friendly, electricity free, Naturally purified and filtered water can help you and your family stay healthy and safe.

We Offer the Following Water Purification and Filtration Systems for Our marine Clients:

General Ecology, Inc.-Seagull Purifiers - Sophisticated technology for over 30 years, Seagull drinking water systems have passed the Rigorous verification and field testing of research institutes, health and safety associations, independent laboratories, numerous private expeditions and above all, individual users.

WATTS - Flowmatic - Watts is part of the Watts Water Technologies family with operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Flowmatic offers a complete line of under counter filter housings manufactured from the highest Quality materials.

Come See Us at our Store in Marathon!

Water AisleWe’re located at 2992 Overseas Highway in Marathon, Florida - right in the middle of the Florida Keys. Our store offers a Full Line of leading manufacturers’ renewable energy equipment, system components, energy efficient appliances, environmentally friendly products and Friendly Staff members that can answer all your questions about our products and services. We are also representatives for several all-electric vehicle (EV) dealers: from scooters to motorcycles, cars, and utility vehicles.

Leaving Your Yacht in Marathon for Awhile?

Put your vessel under our command & Relax while you’re away.  For over 20 years, SALT Service, Inc. has been providing First-Class Yacht Management services to boat owners in the Boot Key Harbor area.  All yachts are tended to by Experienced mariners who understand marine systems and Appreciate how imperative it is to keep your craft shipshape & in Bristol fashion.
Call us today for a free quote!

Looking for Warranty Repair Work?

If you find yourself stumped by a system that has broken down or just won’t perform, call on SALT Service, Inc. As an Authorized Warranty Repair Facility for many major brands, our technicians are Factory Certified. Our 6 service vehicles can be dispatched to any marina or mooring field in the Florida Keys and South Florida. If you’re in an even more remote location, such as the Dry Tortugas or the Bahamas, one of our on-staff pilots can still reach you by air.

Sea Air Land Technologies, Inc.  2992 Overseas Highway - Marathon, FL 33050    Toll Free 800-588-7258    Local 305-289-1150    Fax 305-289-0275   email

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